[New York—Monday, 15 May 1876]

Monday. A warm lovely day—still at the Fifth Avenue Hotel in most comfortable rooms. We are always luxuriously settled here. They are extremely kind to us.

Walked about; made several visits. One upon Mrs Botta who was at home. She is always interesting, with her quiet dignity. She is not well, though in better spirits than when I saw her last. Though her mother was subject to early infirmity, and was a great care to her, her loss has been irreparable. Nobody loves her quite as her mother did. The devotion of her maid Lizzy is curious and interesting though not altogether convenient. She is allowed to rule the house.

Parke Godwin passed the evening here with me alone. Tender delightful old soul he is. His wisdom sits as lightly upon him as an old shoe. He is widely appreciated. I think his somewhat eccentric children have helped him to preserve greater catholicity of doctrine than is vouchsafed to most of us. I found him a charming companion. Dear J. is ill, quite ill, with a dreadful cold still.

Finished Macauley’s life and read a long piece in Daniel Deronda. Marvellous indeed it is!!

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