[Manchester—Thursday, 17 August 1876]

Thursday August 17th An overclouded sky, threatening rain. Walked in the fields—invited company to hear Mrs Lander read. The rain began to pour in torrents about the time we were expecting our friends so only five came, but Mrs Lander brought a fine dramatization of the Scarlet Letter and read to us with very great effect. It was deeply interesting. Alice Towne, Miss Lamb & Mr. & Mrs Darrah, Anna & ourselves made the audience. Mrs Lander passed the night. We were strongly impressed by her sweet excellent nature and by the artist in her. She will doubtless produce a fine effect as Hester Prynne. The effect of the play is strangely close to Hawthorne’s novel. Although a Frenchman planned the play, she untranslated it and preserved the very words of Hawthorne which are full of dignity and beauty.

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