[Boston—Thursday, 8 February 1877]

Thursday 8th Chardon St.—Dear J. has the strangest questions asked him. A fine looking old gentleman stopped him in the street today, and said “How do you do, Mr. Fields, I have long been hoping to see you, I wished to inquire who is the author of “Mary had a little Lamb”. I think it is Mother Goose, but some members of my family disagree with me”— He was stopped on the windiest corner of Park St one cold day by an old lady who said “This is Mr. Fields I believe. I have long been hoping to meet you Sir, I wish to ask you—Why and when the Union was adopted into the Heraldry of England, also why he be always represented chained”. The freezing wind was blowing fiercely as the old lady spoke and as J. had a sore throat his reply was of the briefest.

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