[Isles of Shoals—Monday, 2 July 1877]

Monday morning bright and beautiful—at dawn and a little later the sea was smooth—now the surface is covered with white caps and clouds are rising. It is cheerful in Celia’s parlor—gay bits of chince [sic, for chintz] are everywhere and flowers and pictures and music. Dr. and Mrs Adams of Waltham and their dear little boy Edward who is in love with C.T. (aged 7!), Miss Derby, the Misses Cushman, Miss Brinley, and Miss Parkman fill our table. It is cheerful to see the sun again. Mrs Laighton in her soft white shawl and laces and lace dress is as daintily sweet as an infant. Like the fair waning moon before it loses anything of its fullness, is she.

Sarah is on the water.

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