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  • Abbott, Jacob (1803–79), American congregationalist minister and writer.
  • Aberdeen, Lord, see Gordon, George Hamilton-.
  • Adams, Sarah (née Flower, 1805–48), poet. In AB-2. See biographical sketch.
  • Addams, Arabella (afterwards Altham, 1820–1908), EBB’s cousin.
  • Addams, Arabella (née Bishop, 1787–1853), EBB’s cousin.
  • Addington, Mary Anne (née Scott, formerly Townshend, 1783–1842), Viscountess Sidmouth, 2nd wife of Henry Addington, 1st Viscount Sidmouth.
  • Addison, Joseph (1672–1719), writer and politician.
  • Adelaide, Queen (1792–1849), consort of William IV.
  • Agassiz, Charlotte Louisa Susanna (afterwards Brice, 1822–1900), friend of Isa Blagden and EBB. In AB-3, AB-4, AB-5.
  • Agrippa, Heinrich Cornelius (1486–1535), German writer.
  • Aïdá, Georgina (née Collier, 1790–1875), dau. of Admiral Sir George Collier and mother of Charles Hamilton Aidé.
  • Aidé, Charles Hamilton (1826–1906), novelist and poet. In AB-3, AB-4, AB-5, AB-6.
  • Ainsworth, William Harrison (1805–82), novelist. In AB-2.
  • Albert (1819–61), prince consort, consort of Queen Victoria.
  • Alexander the Great (356–323 B.C.), king of the Greek kingdom of Macedon.
  • Alexander, Louisa Emma (1838–58), invalid dau. of Major James Alexander of the 8th Madras Cavalry who was placed in Isa Blagden’s care (1852–55).
  • Alexis, see Didier, Alexis.
  • Alfieri, Vittorio (1749–1803), Italian dramatist and poet.
  • Alford, Lady Marian, see Cust, Marianne Margaret.
  • Allingham, William (1824–89), poet. In AB-4, AB-5, AB-6.
  • Allnatt, Richard Hopkins (1830–90), author.
  • Altham, Mary Altham (née Cook, 1852–1950, EBB’s niece.
  • Altham, William Surtees ( Cook, 1813–87), EBB’s cousin. In AB-5, AB-6. See biographical sketch.
  • American historian and diplomat, minister to Austria and Great Britain, author of The Rise of the Dutch Republic and History of the United Netherlands. The Motleys spent most of the 1850s in Europe. They were in England for most of 1858, moving to Rome for the winter in early October 1858.
  • Ampère, Jean-Jacques (1800–64), French historian and writer. In AB-4.

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