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  • Napier, Charles (1786–1860), naval officer and politician.
  • Napier, Charles James (1782–1853), army officer.
  • Napoleon I (1769–1821), emperor of France.
  • Napoleon III, see Bonaparte, Charles Louis Napoleon.
  • Napoléon, Prince, see Bonaparte, Joseph Charles Paul.
  • Naylor, Samuel (1809–65), poet.
  • Nazianzen, St. Gregory (ca. 329–389), (“Theologus”), one of the four Fathers of the Christian Church.
  • Needham, Francis Jack (1787-1880), 2nd Earl of Kilmorey, Anglo-Irish peer and Member of Parliament. In AB-3, AB-4, AB-5.
  • Newman, Francis William (1805–97), classical scholar and moral philosopher.
  • Newman, John Henry (1801–90), theologian and cardinal.
  • Newton, Sir Isaac (1642–1727), natural philosopher and mathematician.
  • Nicholas I (1796–1855), Emperor of Russia (1825–55).
  • Nicholson, Charles (1808-1903), Baronet, of Luddenham, educator and politician. In AB-4, AB-5.
  • Nightingale, Florence (1820–1910), social reformer and founder of modern nursing.
  • Niven, Agnes Vardill (1825–72), dau. of Anna Jane Niven, Miss Mitford’s friend and frequent visitor.
  • Niven, Anna Jane (née Vardill, 1781–1852), poet.
  • Noa, Leopold (1826–97), Pen’s German instructor. In AB-4, AB-5.
  • Noel, Roden Berkeley Wriothesley (1834–94), poet and essayist. In AB-5, AB-6.
  • Normanby, Lady, see Phipps, Maria.
  • Normanby, Lord, see Phipps, Constantine Henry.
  • North, Christopher, see Wilson, John.
  • Norton, Caroline (née Sheridan, afterwards Stirling Maxwell, 1808–77), author and law reform campaigner. See biographical sketch. In AB-4, AB-5.
  • Norton, Charles Eliot (1827–1908), American author, social critic, and professor of art.
  • Norton, Thomas Brinsley (1831–77), Baron Grantley, son of Caroline Norton. In AB-3.
  • Nouë, Léon Valérien de (1805–85), Comte de Nouë, French general. In AB-4.

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