Friday. Jany. 27th.

Going on with my translation which I have just finished. I have written as hard & fast as I cd. write,—& therefore had no time for sentencerounding & polishing. In two days more I cd. accomplish that: & then my verison wd. not be a very bad one—tho’ I says it as should’nt. Mr. Boyd meant to be a fortnight about it. I shd. be four days. Write me down a dray horse.

One puzzling passage about the χρονικον κινημα[1] I have a very clear idea of,—& have written down my interpretation in as humble & submissive a way as I could, & sent it in another letter to Mr. Boyd.[2] A few lines to Mrs. Boyd in the envelope, to say that I cant see why she shd. not come to see us with Annie & Miss Mushet. The first fruits of my controversy with Arabel this morning. Arabel need not have been so impatient about it.

1. “Temporal movement.” In WG, p. 616, E.B.B. had underscored this passage with a series of short dashes. In the margin, a note: “why χρονικόν?” has been deleted and she has written “I understand.”

2. For the letter, see BC, 3, 5–7.

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