Saturday Jany. 28th.

Finished my translation quite, & sent off my letter to Mr. Boyd. I think that the late puzzling passages now puzzle me no more—except the μικρον μεν υστερον οΨει[1]—& just as I was going to consider that, a letter from Malvern came which deranged me altogether. The greater part of it, was from Mrs. Boyd & kind enough—but there were a few lines from Mr. Boyd. He asks me to spend two days with him next week—

And he does not mean to translate the oration. It is too much labour!— He has translated the passage at the close of the oration on the son, which I admire so much, & which he wishes me to “come & see”.


1. “A little later you will see.” This phrase occurs in the Oration “In Christi Nativitatem” (GNO, I, 622).

2. Two leaves, i.e., four pages, excised.

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