Sunday. Feb 25th. [sic, for 26 February.]

Confined in the house all day with one of my violent colds. Did not even go down to chapel. Finished Mr. Gipp’s book[1] which pleased me, but not altogether. No letter. Yes!—there was one from Eliza Cliffe, speaking of Annie’s album, & the present which I mean to give Mr. Boyd on his birthday. I have determined upon Scholefield’s Æschylus,[2]—& shall write to Eliza to say so.

1. The Rev. Henry Gipps was Rector of St. Owen’s and Vicar of St. Peter’s, Hereford. He had written several books, but E.B.B. probably was referring to the most-recently published, A Treatise on “The First Resurrection” and “The Thousand Years” Foretold in the Twentieth Chapter of the Book of Revelations (London, 1831).

2. James Scholefield, ed. Æschylus (Cambridge, 1828).

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