Monday Feb 26th. [sic, for 27 February.]

Wrote to Eliza,—but cd. not send my letter. Wrote also two or three lines to Mrs Boyd, to enclose Mr. Hockin’s catalogue[1] for Mr. Boyd,—& to say that we hoped Annie might receive her scrapbook this week. Mrs. Trant came here to


ness. In the evening I wrote out A thought on thoughts[3] by Bummy’s desire, for Papa to read. He read & liked it extremely, & asked me to give the copy right to him.

1. The Catalogue of the library of the late Rev. J. P. Hockin, which was to be dispersed by auction in Ledbury on 7 March 1832 (Hereford Journal, 29 February 1832).

2. Two lines excised.

3. This was subsequently revised and submitted to The New Monthly Magazine, but was not printed; the manuscript of this version is in the Miriam Lutcher Stark Library of the University of Texas. After further revision, the essay was published in The Athenæum, 23 July 1836, pp. 522–523.

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