Thursday April 19th.

Wrote to Mr. Boyd about the parallel passage in Synesius & Anacreon,[1]—& nearly went thro’ the whole of the first & Second pythian odes.[2] The first is very very fine,—& there are splendid things too in the second. B spoke rather not very harshly today; & I could not help crying for nearly an hour afterwards. My spirits are quite beaten down on all sides. How shall I go thro’ next month?— B H & A went to Colwall & the Bartons. Mrs. Martin set off three quarters of an hour after receiving the letters, to Ireland. Her mother is very ill.

I went out by myself, thro’ the garden to the hill above it, where I walked up & down, & thought of one who liked to walk there.

Nothing has happened.

1. For the letter, see BC, 3, 13–14.

2. Of Pindar; both to Hiero the Ætnæan.

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