Friday April 20.

Good Friday.

How time is going. Made this list of days & cried over it afterwards. B H & A to church. No—A did not go—, as I found out afterwards. Read 8 Greek chapters from St Luke’s gospel. A letter from Annie, & a note from Mrs. Boyd to Arabel: the latter begging her to return no answer to any message Mr. Boyd might have sent by me, as she might be provoked to resent what his love of argument induced him to say. Better not to tell me about it, Mrs. Boyd says, because “poor dear Ba is sure to tell Mr. Boyd”. She wishes that I did not tell Mr. Boyd everything he asked me! Annie among other things, asks if Arabel thinks that Mr. Barrett wd. like them to live near us— In Mrs. B’s opinion he wd. not.

Arabel wrote both to Annie & Mrs. Boyd immediately, & she means to send it before breakfast tomorrow, that Annie may have it before she goes. Arabel wd. not say much. She did maintain the point of Papa’s inclination, and the probability of his being very sorry, if they were to leave Malvern while our plans were unsettled. She said besides, I dont know what Ba will do if you dont settle near us.

The Peytons have invited me to go in the Car to Malvern on Monday, when they promise to set me down at R C.

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