Saturday April 21.

I am not well ..

Read the 2d. Pythian—& walked out a little. In the evening Papa read us Mr. Curzon’s prospectus of the Echo, the new periodical he wishes to edit & print in Ledbury.[1] It wont answer. His letter to Papa, engages Papa’s “dear daughter” as a poetical contributer.

I heard tonight, that when B & Mrs. Hanford & A were walking this morning, Mrs. H asked B if there was any chance of my paying her a visit. B said in a peculiar manner, “it quite depends upon circumstances.” Then Mrs. H asked B how long she was likely to remain at Hope End. “My plans are not at all fixed”. “Shall you go to Ireland”? “No! when I leave them, I shall return immediately home.” I do wish—I do wish—, things cd. be settled before May.

1. As far as can be established, nothing came of this project.

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