[Florence—Tuesday, 3 April 1860]

Tuesday April 3d Bella Firenze again. I sat in our sunny window looking out on the Arno and writing letters back to the beloved Romans until noon while Jamie went out upon business. He returned about noon with his hands full of flowers, lilies of the valley, geraniums, anemones &c. and then we went round at once to see Lissie. She was just taking her Italian lessons, her painting was waiting on the easel, Miss Chapman’s piano was open and every thing looked as if the arts were studied there with great earnestness. In the afternoon we called in a carriage and they went to see the Medician Chapel where are those glorious unfinished conceptions of Michael Angelo, afterward to the S.M. Novello to see the Fra Angelicos. A finer contrast in sightseeing could hardly have been arranged.

Called on Miss Field—saw her mother and that nice note from Browning to her. Lissie and Miss Chapman came to tea and passed the evening. Took Mrs B.’s new book.

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