[Florence—Thursday, 5 April 1860]

Thursday 5th Went to Fiesole. Yesterday Mr Landor took the pains to walk round to make me a visit. He had not walked as far for an age he said. He [sic, for His] little dog came with him. He has named him Giallo. Ah! dear he said to him I wish they would make a collar for the pope, these people and give me a piece of it to put round your neck. In the afternoon of yesterday made visits. Today rested, packed, read some of Landor’s Hellenics interesting as the last things he has done and full of wit. Poetry exactly they mostly are not, although “Artimedora’s death” is a perfect thing. Read Mrs Browning’s new book which is full of fine enthousiasm but in the largest part Poetry seems forgotten in fire and ire—for Napoleon & against the world. “A curse for a nation” is for poor America.

Lissie sat with us until 11 o’clock and we were all tired enough waiting for the dresses. At last they came and were really very pretty. We packed them and retired quickly because at 5

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