[London—Tuesday, 1 May 1860]

Tuesday May 1st Lovely day. Went again as soon as breakfast to see Holman Hunt’s great picture. It is like bringing men face to face with the scene itself to carry them to that picture. I believe a divine inspiration was breathed upon that man and that he is one more distinctly chosen than others, because it may be he works only by the lamps of humility & truth. Prepared the Autumn-leaves for friends. Passed the evening with Mr Crosland hearing Mr Croker read imitations. Mr Crosland wishes nothing more to do with “Spiritualism.” He calls it the fiery furnace by which doubters are purified and brought to the faith of Christ. He says he cannot be too thankful for its teachings not the least of which has been to cause him to know our superiority over evil and that evil should never be dreaded by us but rather boldly attacked and subdued as soon as recognised.

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