[Boston—Wednesday, 5 August 1863]

August 5. Received Mrs Frémont’s card saying she is happy to sign herself our friend and fellow citizen. She has taken a cottage at Nahant. We shall miss seeing her, being ourselves on the way to Pigeon Cove. Have made a parting call upon Mr George Sumner who appears better. He is at the Massachusetts General Hospital. The evening light burned beautifully among the trees when we entered. He raised his head and repeated “Bright fields beyond the swelling flood” no said Mr F. “Green fields” ha! ha “then you have read Watts’ hymns.” His conversation was chiefly about Spain and his visit there with Mr Irving. “I am convinced Mr Irving opened his heart to me because I find scarcely any thing of which I had not a previous acquaintance in these volumes. There are many more, interesting facts which I should like to have recorded.” He seems to think it too late now.

A paper was put into circulation yesterday for the purpose of raising 50,000 colored troops from New England. Mr F. signed it. I trust his name may have some influence.

Mr F. started a plan yesterday which met with immediate success. He proposes that ten gentlemen shall invite Dr Holmes to sit for his portrait to Mr Marshall and present the work when finished to the Boston Athenæum. Every body concerned is pleased and the public certainly should be. Holmes has never been well painted.

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