[Boston—Thursday, 6 August 1863]

August 6. The public thanksgiving appointed by the president. We seized the occasion of the holiday to install ourselves in our accustomed summer home at Pigeon Cove. We found the little place as quiet as usual. Mr and Mrs Bartol and daughter and Miss Mary and niece chiefly constituting the household beside ourselves and a quiet young clergyman. The day before we left town a note came from Edward Pierce touching his article for the “Atlantic” which he says has been “shamefully butchered.” He appeals to Mrs F. for redress but alas! I fully appreciated his villa[i]nous style overlaid as it was and overpowered by the good of his intention so I can do nothing about it. Dr Bartol says “Mr F. is high sheriff; it is his duty to cut off people’s heads.” It does not make this duty more agreeable however.

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