[Boston—Wednesday, 11 May 1864]

May 11. Gail Hamilton in town—described herself as incapable of keeping anything—occupied with reading the bulletin boards, a Fayel hat dropped from her hands—she loses all her worldly goods.

J.T.F. went to see Dr Holmes about Hawthorne’s health—the latter came to town looking very very ill. O.W.H. thinks the sharks tooth is upon him but would not have this known. Walked and talked with him; then carried him to “Metcalf’s and treated him to simple medicine as we treat each other to ice cream.” O.W.H. picked up a New York pamphlet full of sneers against Boston “Mutual Admiration Society.”

“These whipper snappers of N.Y. will do well to take care, he says the noble race of men now so famous here is passing down the valley—then who will take their places. I am ashamed to know the names of these blackguards—there is Aldrich—a stick of sugar-candy—and William Winter who is not even a gum-drop, and plenty like them.”

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