[Boston—Thursday, 29 September 1864]

Sepr 29. Mr Fields went without me to Newport and saw La Farge & Vedder about illustrating Enoch Arden. As he passed Portsmouth Grove hospital Bishop Clark of R.I. pointed out the graveyard where our men and the rebels lie side by side. He said the undertaker had planted the graves of our men with two rows of clam shells but left nothing to mark the rebels—the bishop said to him “why don’t you treat all alike now” “oh,” he answered “I can’t do that but I will give the rebs one row” so there they lie with one row of shells!! There is one grave (a rebel’s) marked A. Mouse they could only find one name Amos and therefore transformed it.

La Farge is a Jesuit—strange—of the mediaeval type. Full of fastidious refinements which seems in him to be coupled with genius.

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