[Boston—Saturday, 4 January 1868]

Saturday night. Jan. 4th All in readiness. Mr. Dickens arrived punctually with Mr. Osgood at half past nine—hot supper was soon in order and we put ourselves at it. The dear “chief” was in the best of good humor in spite of a cold which hangs about him and stuffs up head and throat only leaving him for two hours at night when he reads. ’Tis something to be in first rate mood with such a cold.

He told us further particulars of the “fair Bigg.” He has discovered the satin dress J. admires is frayed out under the arms!!!!

The “readings” have been so successful in New York he cannot fail to be pleased & he does not fail to show it. Kate Field New Year’s Eve placed a basket of flowers on his table, he had seen her bright eyes & sensitive face, he said. I was glad for Kate because he wrote her a little note which pleased her of course.

I told him we were jealous because N.Y. had heard “Marygold” first & because he had read it with such effect there. “Please God, I’ll do it as well for you,” he said.

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