[Boston—Thursday, 1 October 1868]

Thursday. Took tea at the William Greene’s last night. Saw their two wonderful cats Elizabeth Barrett & H.B. Stowe. Unhappily W.G. being a Seymour advocate was suddenly called away to make a speech. How sorrowful that disappointment should so coax a man away from the right—and this a Colonel in our army.

Read Anna Dickinson’s fine story. What Answer? Thank God for such as she!

Today is the first day of October. Lowering still although the grass and flowers are like June and would glimmer exquisitely in sunshine. Yet somehow I enjoy these days.

Written nothing here lately—am trying to begin housekeeping just right. It absorbs everything at first—that and the few visits which must be paid. But I shall keep a few hours out of each morning sacredly as soon as we are established, except when I have friends staying in the house. Then I see no help for it. I suppose those hours must be given up. I will struggle through.

Dear J. is going through a sad experience. It haunts him by day and by night.

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