[Boston—Sunday, 19 July 1868]

Sunday. Heat,—but the water washes on the stones at the end of the lawn, the bells chime and ring sweetly in the soft air, & the day is full of calm.

Once more dear J. dreamed of Longfellow’s return. Dr. Holmes came in, in the afternoon. He was very amusing—brought a mss. “large enough for a horse & cart to carry, been sitting over it with tears in my eyes—have, truly—better yet Mr. Howells to read it—Oh dear! Dorsheimer came in at one o’clock—gave him the best I had, a cold dinner—but he stayed so long! I’m not social, I know it; it’s a virtue in those who are. We old grey fellows never bore each other. We’ve killed off long before this those who plagued us, and we understand each other. Mind, D. is a capital fellow, good fellow, egotistic, apt to talk about himself, and doesn’t listen well!” He ran on so to our great amusement, especially as we were expecting D. & his party to tea ourselves.

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