[Boston—Sunday, 26 July 1868]

Sunday. Weather exquisite—low soft mist over the river. J. who hates tobacco bitterly was so be-smoked yesterday at the Club as to get a “good imitation of” a headache and was obliged to retire early after his return. It was a pleasant meeting about 16 members present. Motley, Parkman, Horton (of the West) being the guests—yet I am mistaken here. Motley is a member, but he has been away so long the mistake is natural. Prof. Pierce & Rowse were there. What did Rowse have to say for himself I asked J. “Oh! He was very industrious with the viands and told me a story about a book turned out of the press in 24 hours over which, it being one of my own stories I told him a year ago, I laughed tremendously.”

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