[Boston—Friday, 8 January 1869]

Friday Jany 8th Mabel Lowell has been passing a few days here. We have been out or had company almost every eveg for a week and are quite ready to turn to quiet scenes. She has told me a new story of Tom Appleton which we must not forget. Mrs Dorr, our flea of society, has a way of calling all the people she meets by their first names, dropping or omitting titles as eminently unsatisfactory. Appleton said if the Virgin Mary were to visit Boston, Mrs Dorr would say, Do drop in to tea to night, Mary will be there!

Mabel has a very clear head and has read and remembered many things. Beside she has a standard of excellence, a high tone and an ideal which embues her with the poetry of woman hood. She is quite beautiful too so altogether I find real pleasure in her companionship.

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