[Boston—Sunday, 28 March 1869]

Easter Sunday. March 28. Lovely spring-like weather—sweet Easter day. I lament that life and events have been too much for me of late and have forced me to omit much I should like to set down here.

Mother and Sarah are passing this week with us and preparations are going forward for our departure. We have had one evening of lovely Scotch singing from Mrs Webb of Portland & yesterday was J’s Club day when Lowell said just what I had said to Jamie in the morning, it will be a Club to be remembered as Johnson’s Club has been through centuries.

(Here I must put in a note about Clarence King. His life for 7 years has been passed in the mountains of Nevada and from that height he has learned mountain life as well as American life from a wholly unique point of view to civilization. He was appointed one of the chief engineers for the Pacific Railroad.)

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