[Malvern—Thursday, 8 July 1869]

Thursday. Went up Malvern hill on donkeys. Jamie christened the donkey boys Lycurgus, Solon, Archimedes. The boys, one of them having a taste for fun, told him in return that the name of one of the hills was Mount Sinai. Found a queer old woman on top selling ginger-bread and ginger-beer. It was blowing hard with a thick fog. When we asked her what of the weather she said. Well mum, I’ve ’ad the Plumbago now, mum, for two days, mum, wich is as good as a halmanac mum, honly not so convenient. Coming down the hill the boys made the donkeys leap and canter and do all manner of impossible things till we were all drunk with laughter.

Said farewell to the dear good Flowers when we mounted the donkeys and left P.M. for Clevedon.

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