[Boston—Friday, 29 April 1870]

Friday April 28 [sic]. Mr. Longfellow's account of Jules Janin during his last visit was very curious and interesting. He has grown excessively fat so he could scarcely move and did not rise from his chair when L. entered but simply motioned him instead to a seat by his side. Talking of Victor Hugo and Lamartine—take them for all in all which do you prefer asked L.

“Charlatan pour Charlatan, je crois que je préfère Monsieur de Lamartine” was the reply of “J.J.”

Mr. Emerson’s lectures have begun and 2 times in the week I go to listen. J. goes the 3d day. His subject is “Notes on the History of the Intellect”. There are to be 18. He says most men say one thing today, another thing tomorrow and so on & keep no record of their thoughts.

Mr Agassiz said when he finished yesterday it was like the ceasing of music. I shall write my notes out for Laura and Lissie.

Mabel has been here a week.

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