[Boston—Thursday, 12 May 1870]

May 12. We have had a long rain with east wind—so like the weather in London at this time last year that every scene, every look, every touch of that wonderful time seemed to be freshly unveiled to us. We have the grass freshly mown too in our little “pelouse” and early blossoms therefrom, also Mr. Emersons lectures. We are both more cheerful I hope with this new beauty of the year and yet I am still anxious for my dear boy. Mr. & Mrs Bartol came in for a moment on their return to Providence. He is better. She in grief for the loss of a locket wh. she has always worn about her neck.

Two epigrams made by Longfellow

What is Autobiography?

It is what biography ought to be.


When you ask a friend to dine

Give them your best wine!

When you ask two

The second best will do!

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