[Boston—Sunday, 19 June 1870]

Sunday June 19. A Telegram came yesterday from Chapman (Mr. Dickens’s publisher) saying that all the works of art of Charles Dickens were to be sold early in July. Fechter says it means a great deal. He hopes to go over. We hope from our hearts that he will, and that Miss Hogarth will come back to us.

Mr & Mrs Dorsheimer, Henry James, Mr. & Mrs Quincy, Mr. Alger, Mr. Fechter passed Sunday Evening. They were all so kind and sympathetic that the evening was really most sweet to us. Mr. Alger preached a very successful occasional discourse to a large concourse of people in the Music hall. Mr Fechter went to the School Ship to see the place where Dickens had spoken to the boys. He tried also to say a few words, but his throat choked and he could not speak.

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