[Boston—Monday, 9 October 1871]

How glad we were to get home Monday and find all well. All day I worked to prepare my guests chambers for the evening, when Mr. & Mrs Towne & their two daughters were to come up and go to hear Nilsson on her opening night in Faust. Finally the rooms were decked, the hour arrived, our friends came. Nilsson proved herself a great artist and especially in the scene in the church found herself a grand actress as well as singer. The scene was terrible in its force and beauty. All day long I have seen her struggling figure as it writhed under the spirit of evil—poor, poor triumphant child! How lofty Nilsson made the opera which has hitherto disgusted us! “There is none like her, none!”

Dear Jamie this morning took our friends the Townes out to see Longfellow. This put the crowning finish to their visit! They went away entirely filled with happiness. Dear Longfellow true to his generous nature received them royally.

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