[North Conway—Thursday, 25 June 1874]

Thursday A.M. Dear little Willy is not very well so I play with him all the morning until eleven o’clock when I walk out with mother. The travellers have started for Mt Washington but the wind will make their trip less a pleasure than they anticipated. I find an invalid lady here of intelligence & culture, Miss Morrill of Philadelphia; she has a fair unclouded brow which speaks well for her in her present condition. There is a little Miss Beck too, of Boston—who might, from her unobtrusive nature, her sweetness, and unselfishness, almost “do” for Esther Summerson.

Thursday. Jamie took little Boylston and started for Mt. Washington; but a furious blowing wind prevented their ascent. They remained wisely over night at the Glen House where “J.” tells me thirty or forty students from various universities were serving as waiters at the public table. Boylston, never having seen a bill of fare before, studied it with a wise countenance & when he was asked what he would have for breakfast replied in a clear loud voice “Pig’s legs and oblong tea”!! much to the general merriment.

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