[Boston—Sunday, 7 June 1874]

Sunday 7th We enjoyed quietly at home. Aunt Willard and Nelly came to tea—in the afternoon I walked out when Miss Palfrey called and left me a bunch of white lilies of the valley—considering our separation I was truly moved by her gentle memories of me. Jamie went to see his brother’s wife. They are in a sad straight having carelessly gone on spending what money they have and making no effort to get away until they find themselves absolutely poor. Fortunately there are two sons and a husband and only the one poor little wife and mother to represent woman-kind and they cannot starve; but it is not the poverty half as much as the lack of foresight, energy, and the self indulgence, which will allow a man to do as he has done. It is very depressing indeed to look in and never be able to animate or assist such people. We are very happy to be together once more dear J. and I. The time was very long while he was gone.

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