[Beloit—Saturday, 9 October 1875]

Saturday Oct 9. Dear J. had a queer time last night. His audience was made up of a few villagers and boys, not at all an audience for him to have gone to the place for, but the youth who engaged him in a frensy [sic] of enthousiasm did not count the cost before beginning and found himself without an audience at the last moment. It was too early in the season for so small a place. But Jamie made him happy by going without his pay.

We left Beloit before dawn, rising at 4 AM for the purpose and going breakfast-less to the station in the dark. We were repaid by arriving at a comfortable hotel at Milwaukee before 10 with time to look about us during the day. Mr Abraham Clarke called upon us in the afternoon. Fell in with a Mr. & Mrs King, interesting people. He is a Swiss, she is an American. He seems so supremely happy with his wife, and she appears so amiable and unpretending that they have quite won our hearts. We walked to the Academy of Music and inspected the empty benches together where J. is to speak tomorrow.

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