[Boston—Wednesday, 25 October 1876]

Wednesday. 25. Lovely day. Dressmaker came before I was out of my room. Breakfast at 8, Willy and Miss Phelps. The latter did not sleep much. Sallied out with her early and went to try her voice at Wesleyan Hall. She could not fill it. Professor Churchill the elocutionist went with us. We found a small hall on Beacon Hill which will do and where she intends to read.

In the afternoon came our first meeting of visitors at Chardon St.—46—Mr. E.E. Hale spoke. Full and successful. Dear Jamie returned from a fine time in Springfield, entertained by Mr. S. Bowles. He brought a magnificent basket of flowers from the School children to whom he read today, which we sent to mother.

It is good to have the dear boy at home again.

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