[Boston—Tuesday, 2 May 1876]

May 2. On my way to the Charity Bureau for our last Tuesday this season, I was stopped at the door by mother with her little maid. They had brought me exquisite blossoms of the Bloodroot flower. While I was talking with her, came Miss Townsend also with exquisite roses and lilies.

A long busy day at Chardon St. talking over plans for future benefits to the poor and the best way of assisting them.

Returned just in time to meet two ladies from Montpelier who wished to see our pictures—Abby Alger arrived from New York to dinner.

I went early and very tired to bed, and slept ferociously.

Dear Jessie Cochrane left me an Edelweiss pressed. How good every body is—as our beloved Celia says.

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