[Wellesley—Sunday, 18 June 1876]

Sunday June 18. A glorious day. Poor Jamie suffering torture all night with rheumatism. This lovely sunshine has been good for him and he is already gay once more.

Talking over Daniel Deronda today it seemed to me there was wonderful strength raying out to us from such a story, whatever the sadness of the lot we may contemplate, it is always as if we were carried to the top of a high mountain where, although you know those upon whom you gaze to be brothers and sisters you are still aware that God is over all and his strength is our strength.

In Thackeray on the contrary you find yourself in the thick of the battle of life, there is blood-shed and trouble all around; you cannot see your way out and you exclaim, if this be life let me try death; silence and nothingness will bring peace of [sic] least after this pettiness & striving.

Reading Dobell’s “Thoughts collected after death.” They are full of poetry and power.

In the brilliant sunshine today the white birch leaves, tender and small as they are, glimmered dark like steel in the mighty light of noon as we gazed up to them in the high air.

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