[Manchester—Tuesday, 27 June 1876]

Tuesday June 27. Is I believe Commencement (either today or tomorrow at Harvard). What obliviousness do we live in of these events!! Watson and the cistern interest us I am afraid, more, just now. Watson said yesterday to “J”, “I have just peeped into the cistern, Surr, and ye are like a rich man who in a hard time holds his money although he has just as much as ever in the bank, but he is afraid to let it out”!!

J’s western agent Mr. Slayton came down by the noon train to pass the night. His surprise and pleasure at everything he saw was most amusing. He would touch the chairs and then laugh quietly to himself and say “all of a piece”. He comes from the wilds of New Hampshire originally. His wife is “a reader” that is to say her ambition is to read in public. What does she make her specialty, I said, what does she prefer to read. “Oh,” he replied “she has a very versatile talent, can read most anything, but Poe’s Bells is her favorite piece in which she makes her great success.” Remembering Professor Child’s raid against Poe’s Bells and “Js” ridiculous version of the scene we could hardly contain our amusement.

Delicious rain—after a long drought. It falls on the newly mown fields.

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