[Milwaukee—Monday, 11 October 1875]

Monday Oct 11. Drove in an open wagon with Mr. Abraham Clarke around the city. It was cold as Xmas and although we were wrapped up in all the garments possible to carry, the cold bit us as if it were bleak January. We stopped at Mrs Mitchell’s—a fine house, though away from the beautiful lake-side where Mr. Clarke’s own house stands and whither he first carried us to take up his daughter and show us their view. This is the great point whereon to live, it appears, by the side of the lake. Fortunately the whole city was not of one mind, for Mrs Mitchell’s house is also very beautiful—she has some fine pictures—but she herself is a good generous creature, wide-hearted, open minded and better than anything her house contained.

We came in the afternoon to Racine—“J.” lectured.

I remained alone in our bed-room overlooking the wondrous moonlit waters of Michigan. The next morning, which was a beautiful cool autumnal morning, we were driven about the town by a kind and excellent Mr. Fish. Came by luxurious cars at night to Evanston where a Mr. Browne met us at the station with carriage & horses and conveyed us to his house. Barely time for “J” to dress, swallow a cup of tea & go to the lecture. Mrs Browne presided, as the ladies of Evanston take care of the lecture cause themselves. Who should be there but dear Robert Collyer who came all the way from Chicago to bring us a telegram which he did not wish us to have until after the lecture saying “your housekeeper Mrs T. is a thief. Z.B. Adams”. It was not pleasant to hear this, but we do not believe it nor can we help it at this distance, therefore we went to bed at Mrs Browne’s and slept pretty well. The house was a good specimen of western nouveaux riches. They were most kind.

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